Get ready to make your pitch to receive money for your organization!


2019 Future Fund 10 – LIVE!


Future Fund is a group of young professionals that are community-minded, forward-thinking leaders who have invested in the future of Greensboro and Guilford County through the Ann Lineweaver Future Fund Endowment, currently valued at nearly $1.3 million. 

Future Fund’s mission is to create connections, provide the next generation of philanthropic leaders in the community and, most importantly, grow the endowment to be able to award as much money as possible to nonprofits making a positive impact in Guilford County.

The FUTURE FUND 10 Program

Starting in 2019, Future Fund is changing the way it gives out grants to local nonprofits.    

Ten nonprofits will be chosen from the applicant pool to become the 2019 Future Fund 10 (FF10).  Each nonprofit representative will receive four sessions of coaching from local community mentors.  Those mentors will help each of the FF10 refine their three-minute pitch to prepare for their debut at Future Fund 10 LIVE.   

On April 16, 2019 the 10 nonprofits will present their pitches to 300 community members at Triad Stage in an event called Future Fund 10 LIVE.  The audience members will vote on the top prize and that winner will walk away with $20,000.  Other monies will be awarded based on a community and judges’ vote.  No matter what happens at FF 10 Live, each nonprofit will walk away with connections for donations, volunteers, board members, and greater visibility for their cause in the community.


1st Place = $20,000 Voted on by Future Fund 10 Live audience

2nd Place = $12,000 Voted on by a panel of judges

3rd Place = $7,000 Voted on by a panel of judges

Coaches’ Award = $2,000 Voted on by the coaches of the FF10 members

Community Award = $1,500


Future Fund 10 Application Form

All Future Fund 10 members receive:

  • 1-year membership to Guilford County Nonprofit Consortium

  • Professional video of the organization to be used for promotion, advertising, social media and other marketing activities 

  • Coaching from three (3) community mentors who help advise on your nonprofit and your pitch 

  • Training on marketing, business, speaking and more at the four coaching sessions

  • Fellowship with nine (9) other outstanding nonprofit leaders

  • Regular communications from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and Future Fund

  • Professional Headshot

  • A once in a lifetime experience!


Applicants will be judged on the following 3 categories:

  • Innovation (originality of concept or design)

  • Sustainability (ability to be maintained on an ongoing basis; environmental impact)

  • Impact (influence on the community, residents and target group)


Applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or has applied for 501(c)(3) status

  • Organization is located in and/or serving the greater Greensboro area

  • Designate one representative to receive coaching and give the pitch

  • Representative must attend all coaching sessions on:

    • Jan 23, 6pm Kick Off Session

    • Feb 20, 6pm Coaching Session #1

    • March 20, 6pm Coaching Session #2

    • April 10, 6pm  Rehearsal

    • April 16, 6pm Future Fund 10 LIVE

  • Representative must give a pitch on April 16, 2019.

  • All organizations selected for FF10 are required to provide a quote on the FF10 experience and share the experience and how they used the funds on their social media using hashtags:  #FF10 #FF10Live @FutureFundGSO @cfggnews

Note:  The Future Fund does not award grants for multi-year commitments, individuals, debt retirement, political organizations or campaigns, for-profit entities, programming that promotes religious instruction or doctrine, or endowments.


  1. Review the eligibility guidelines above to ensure you are able to meet the required commitments and your project fits the criteria.

  2. Review the FAQ to fully understand the application, selection and finalist process.

  3. To apply, please submit the application form online below and email the video via a way that Future Fund can download and/or view the video. Examples include: Google Drive link, Zip file or Dropbox. Videos should be sent to Include the name of your organization in the subject line.

**Please note: additional information may be requested during the review process. 

  1. Deadline: Proposals must be received before 11:59pm on the application deadline (Friday, November 9, 2018).  Late submissions will not be accepted.

  2. Applicants will be notified as to whether or not they have been selected as a FF10 finalist in early December. 

  3. Please direct questions regarding your proposal to Jodee Ruppel at

Organization Address *
Organization Address
Organization Phone Number *
Organization Phone Number
We understand that applicants are in different phases of development. However, if available, please provide your financial information as requested below. If a question is not applicable to you, please note so in your answer.
Provide the following information about the individual who will serve as the primary representative of the idea/program/organization, will develop the pitch, will attend all coaching sessions, and, if selected, will present at the event on April 16, 2019. We strongly recommend that this person be the Executive Director or equivalent.
Representative Name *
Representative Name
Please provide your position/title in the organization.
Representative Work Phone Number
Representative Work Phone Number
Representative Mobile Phone Number
Representative Mobile Phone Number
Representative References
Provide two professional references. Include name, relationship to the applicant, daytime and mobile phone numbers, email address, and organization name (if relevant). No family members.
Limiting your responses to [100] words or less, please complete the following questions. *Note: These questions are designed to be engaging, even a little offbeat. Please express your creativity.
Finalists will be required to give a presentation/pitch to a live audience. When submitting your application, please provide a short (no longer than 3 minutes) video presentation describing your idea/program/organization. We encourage you to use any media available. We do not expect videos utilizing the latest technology (telephones with video functions and other similar devices are suitable). If you do not have access to a video recording device, please contact us and we can provide one.
Videos should be submitted through the following method:
1. Save the video and send as in a format the Future Fund can view, Examples include google drivelink, Dropbox link, zipfile, vimeo 2. Email the link to 3. Include the name of your organization in the subject line. Example: ABC Organization Video
When recording your video, please consider expressing to your audience the following concepts:
1. What is your organization all about? 2. What is so innovative about what you are doing? (Why are you different?) 3. What results do you expect? How do you measure those metrics? 4. Why should the community want your organization to succeed?