Give a little.  Impact a LOT.

$150 becomes $45,000+.

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A group of young (22-40ish) professionals who are investing their time, energy and a few dollars into making Greensboro AWESOME.

Future Fund is an initiative of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. ”Funders” make an investment of $150 into the Future Fund endowment each year.  Once they are a funder they can be involved as much or as little as they like in the events and committee throughout the year.

Future Fund hosts social and networking events with other funders and Future Fund alumni (over 1000 strong!).  Active members plan and produce the innovative Future Fund 10 Program and Future Fund 10 LIVE to award over $45,000 to local nonprofits.  The program is part incubator, part nonprofit Shark Tank and allows 10 nonprofits to give a 3-minute pitch to win the top prize of $20,000.

Funders gain friendships, mentors, and new skills as they work on various subcommittees to plan the program and event.  Plus they get to be part of an initiative bigger than themselves and truly make Greensboro what they want it to be.




What is the cost?


Individuals can pay $150 per year.

Lifetime memberships are also available for $1250 and can be paid over five years.  

Students are also encouraged to join at the student Funder rate of $50.

Want to do a monthly payment of $12.50? Email at

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Why be a Lifetime Member?

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Lifetime members receive the eNewsletter, get invited to annual alumni and current funder events and get to participate in choosing the 10 finalists each year for Future Fund 10. Plus you know you’ve supported the Future Fund at the highest level!


How involved do I have to be?


We get that we live in a BUSY world.  The Future Fund has many ways for you to get as involved as you like or contribute where you can.  No matter what your $150 donation is going to help the Greensboro community.


I’m super busy but I want to contribute

Great!  Make your donation and know that you are helping the endowment and Greensboro grow.

If you change your mind, become more active at any time.


I’m busy but could come to a  few things

Wonderful! We have plenty of events to choose from.  Join us at one or all of the following:

  • Alumni/Current Member Networking Night

  • Nonprofit Meet & Greet

  • Volunteer Activities

  • FF10 Live

  • Serve as a Coach

  • Reading Night (where we select the 10 finalists)

COMMITMENT: 1 to 5 events a year. If you change your mind, become more active at any time.


I want to have a say in what the Future Fund does

Awesome!  Besides attending our events join a subcommittee:

  • Coaching: Write the coaching guide, help recruit coaches and oversee 4 coaching sessions

  • Application:  Create the application and promote the application process to nonprofits

  • Marketing:  Craft communications to all current and alumni members, order swag, make presentations ant take over social media

  • Events:  Plan the socials and events for the organization

COMMITMENT: 7-9 meetings a year


I am committed and will make time for this great organization

AMAZING! Do events, join a subcommittee and then meet with the  Steering Committee to shape the future of Future Fund.

COMMITMENT: 7-9 meetings a year


What do Subcommittees do?



Prep all Communications (newsletters), Create and Order any handouts/swag, Update copy for webpage as needed, Help secure and present lunch-n-learn presentations in the community, Manage all social media and the website



Run all logistics for the event (venue, catering, invites, follow up, etc), also plan socials and educational events throughout the year



Create list of potential coaches, recruit and help train coaches, recruit other professionals to be speakers at four (4) spring coaching sessions, create coaches guide and handbook



Design the Application, promote it to nonprofits (with marketing's help), host informational sessions for nonprofits, compile application and assign to Future Funders for reading and evaluation, notify nonprofits


I’m over 40 but want to help!


Sponsor—We need committed sponsors in order to provide the FF 10 and FF10 LIVE programs.   

Become a funder anyway!  Donate your $150 or $1250 and be invited to Future Funder and Alumni events. 

Coach—We need professionals to serve as mentors and coaches for each nonprofit.  Sign up to get more information.

Attend the BIG event—Purchase a ticket to attend Future Fund 10 LIVE and be a part of the excitement!

Get Social! —follow us on Social Media Platforms and help us tell our story!

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Started in 1999, the Future Fund was created to help young professionals understand the importance of giving back.  What made this Fund different for the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, was that it was young professionals who were the “members” raising money for the endowment, planning social and fundraising events, and choosing the grant recipients each year.  It was a progressive idea at the time and even received recognition in a 2004 issue of Time Magazine. 

Under the volunteer leadership of Jim and Louise Brady the Future Fund regularly had 300 members and was known as the young professionals’ group to join.  The group soon began working to become a permanently endowed fund and in 2011 they hit their million-dollar goal.

In its later years the fund has seen a steep decline of active members.  We believe this is a combination of factors—the original group was achieving leadership positions, having families and moving on to other groups, the generation difference of Gen X’ers and millennials now moving into this space, and a series of staff changes.

Starting in 2019, Future Fund is changing the way it gives out grants to local nonprofits.  In an effort to re-energize the group, and appeal to a fresh set of young leaders, the awards process will now be “Shark Tank meets Nonprofit”.  Ten nonprofits will be chosen from the applicant pool to become the Future Fund 10 (FF10).  They will receive 4 sessions of coaching from local community mentors.  Those mentors will help each of the FF10 refine their 3-minute pitch to prepare for their debut at Future Fund 10 LIVE.   On April 16, 2019 the 10 nonprofits will present their pitch to over 300 community members at Triad Stage.  The audience members will vote on the top prize and that winner will walk away with almost $20,000.  Other prizes will be awarded based on community vote and judges vote.  No matter what each FF10 member receives, they will all walk away with connections for donations, volunteers, board members, and greater visibility for their cause in the community. 


1999- Group of Future Funders meet for the first time

2000- Group reaches 280 in annual membership

2004—Time Magazine mentions the Greensboro Future Fund in an April Issue $250,000 Anonymous gift given to start the Ann Lineweaver endowment

2011—Endowment reaches $1,000,000!!!

2013—Future Fund has signature event the Pig Pickin’ with friends and family

2017—Future Fund decides to change how they award money to nonprofits

2018—Future Fund changes the grantmaking process to Future Fund 10 to give 10 nonprofits more exposure to the community, CFGG donors, and a chance to enhance their skills

2019—The First Future Fund 10 LIVE event takes place on April 16,2019 with 10 finalists pitching to a SOLD OUT audience and gives away over $42,500.